Study Committee A3 is currently composed of 3 Advisory Groups and 11 Working Groups.

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Chairman: Dr. Hiroki Ito



Secretary and Webmaster: Frank Richter



Working Bodies of SC A3 "High Voltage Equipment"   

July, 2015

TypeNumberTitleName of ConvenerCreated Disbanded
(aim )
number of technical brochure 
AGA3.01Strategic PlanningH. Ito (JA)2002  
AGA3.02Tutorials Glinkowski / Runde / Smeets2001  
AGA3.03Green Book P. Fernandez (BR) 2014(2017)  
WGA3.24Simulating internal arc and current withstand testingN. Uzelac (US)20082014TB 602 
WGA3.25MO varistors and surge arresters for emerging system conditionsB. Richter (CH)2009(2015)  
WGA3.26Capacitor bank switching and impact on equipmentA. Bosma (SE)20092015TB 624 
WGA3 27The impact of the application of vacuum switchgear at transmission voltagesR. Smeets (NL)20092014TB 589 
WGA3.28Switching phenomena and testing requirements for UHV & EHV equipmentD. Dufournet (FR)20102014TB 570 
WGA3.29Deterioration & ageing of HV substation equipmentA. Maheshwari (AUS)2010(2015)  
WGA3.30Overstressing of HV substation equipmentA. Carvalho (BR)2010(2015)  
WGA3.31Instrument transformers with digital outputF. Rahmatian (CA)2011(2015)  
JWGA3.32/CIREDNon-intrusive methods for condition assessment of distribution and transmission switchgearsN. Uzelac (US)2013(2017)  
WGA3.33Experience with equipment for Series / Shunt CompensationLI Guofu (CN)2013(2016)  
JWGA3/B4.34Technical requirements and specifications of state-of-the-art DC switching equipmentCh. Franck (CH)2013(2016)  
WGA3.35Guidelines and best practices for the commissioning  of controlled switching projects based on knowledge and worldwide experienceA. Mercier (CA)2013(2016)  
 WG A3.36Application and benchmark of Multi Physic Simulations and Engineering tools for Tempearture Rise calculation M. Kriegel (CH) 2014 (2017)  
 JWG A3/B5/C4.37 System conditions for and probability of Out-of-Phase A. Jansen (NL)2014 (2017)