Responsible for the theory, design, construction, and application of high voltage equipment components, equipment, and equipment systems for both AC and DC systems. This includes the behaviour and interactions with, and duties imposed by the network and other system equipment under normal and abnormal conditions, testing and testing technologies, quality assurance, reliability, maintenance and asset management.

This equipment includes all devices for switching, interrupting, or limiting currents (circuit breakers, load switches, disconnect switches, earthing switches, fault current limiters, etc.) independent of technology. It also includes surge arresters, capacitors, busbar and equipment insulators, instrument transformers, bushings, and all other high voltage equipment not specifically covered under another equipment study committee’s scopes. Emphasis is on function and interaction of high voltage equipment including air and gas-insulated equipment, solid insulation used in high voltage equipment, outdoor insulation, and equipment using other insulation systems and interrupting media.