WG A3.32 Non-intrusive methods for condition assessment of T&D switchgears



There are many diagnostic techniques available today for the condition assessment of Switchgear equipment. Unfortunately the application of these techniques in many cases are off service i.e. involves schedule outages as the equipment must be isolated from the network. Also, the use of these diagnostic techniques on MV (distribution) equipment is very limited. Taking into account that the MV switchgear designs are moving from SF6 insulation to solid dielectric insulation, the importance of applying predictive diagnostic methods in the field is increasing.

This working group will This CIGRE/CIRED Joint Working Group will review the current and future trends of non-intrusive, especially in service, diagnostic methods to apply in the Condition Monitoring of HV & MV Circuit Breakers, Reclosers and Fault Interrupters. 

WG kick-off meeting was in December 2013 in Berlin. Plan is to complete Technical Brochure by end of 2016.