WG Area

The study commitee A3 consists of 3 strategic working groups

                                A3.01: Strategic Planning

                                A3.02: Tutorials

                                A3.03: Green Book

and workings groups/ joint working groups, which creates the technical brochures.

                               A3.24: Simulating internal arc and current
                                          withstand testing  (disbanded TB 602)

                               A3.25: MO varistors and surge arresters for
                                          emerging system conditions (active)

                               A3.26: Capacitor bank switching and impact
                                          on equipment (disbanded TB 624)

                               A3.27: The impact of the application of vacuum
                                          switchgear at transmission voltages (disbanded TB 589)

                               A3.28: Switching phenomena and testing requirements
                                          for UHV & EHV equipment (disbanded TB 570)

                               A3.29: Deterioration & ageing of HV substation equipment

                               A3.30: Overstressing of HV substation equipment (active)

                               A3.31: Instrument transformers with digital output (active)

                               A3.32/ CIRED: Non-intrusive methods for condition
                                                     assessment of distribution and transmission
                                                     switchgears (active)

                               A3.33: Experience with equipment for Series /
                                          Shunt Compensation (active)

                               A3/B4.34: Technical requirements and specifications of
                                              state-of-the-art DC switching equipment (active)

                               A3.35: Guidelines and best practices for the commissioning of
                                          controlled switching projects based
                                          on knowledge and worldwide experience (active)

                               A3.36: Application and benchmark of Multi Physic Simulations
                                          and Engineering tools for Tempearture Rise calculation

                              A3/B5/C4.37: System Conditions for and probability
                                                    of Out-of-Phase (active)