SC A3 Tutorials

CIGRE develops technical knowledge through different activities, among them Colloquia and Tutorials.In the last few years CIGRE Study Committee A3 prepared and presented close to twenty (20) different tutorials on subjects related to Working Groups of the Committee.

Examples of the tutorials include:

  1. Reliability of HV Equipment
  2. Fault Current Limiters
  3. Surge Arresters
  4. HV Vacuum Switchgear
  5. Use and Application of Optical Instrument Transformers
  6. Circuit Breakers – Standards, Guidelines, and Selection
  7. Recent Developments in Distribution Switchgear Standards
  8. Statistical Analysis of Electrical Stresses of HV Equipment  in Service
  9. High Voltage Circuit Breakers
  10. Modeling and Testing of Transmission and Distribution Switchgear

 For more information or if you are interested in organizing, hosting, sponsoring, or proposing CIGRE A3 tutorials please contact Tutorials Advisory Group (AG A3.04): Dr. Mietek Glinkowski, Dr. Rene Smeets, or Dr. Magne Runde. For examples of the prior tutorials that SC A3 Working Groups delivered please see the list below.

Tutorial-list 01-2012 (pdf, 10 kB) (pdf, 14kB)