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for the lists of Colloquium Papers see the links below: 

SC A3/B2 Symposium Auckland, New Zealand 2013

List of Papers (pdf, 132kB)


A3 Colloquium Vienna, Austria, 2011

Colloquium-Tutorial_Programm Vienna 2011 (pdf, 1 MB) (pdf, 1MB)

General Report of Colloquium Vienna 2011 (pdf, 78kB)


South Africa: Regional Conference and A2/A3/B3-Colloquium 2009

List of papers (pdf, 762kB)


Colloquium SC A3, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2007

List of all papers (pdf, 155 kB) (pdf, 154kB)


Joint Colloquium SC A3/B3, Tokyo 2005

List of all papers (pdf, 72 kB) (pdf, 72kB)

General Report of SC A3 & B3 Colloquium (Tokyo, Japan, 2005)

Present and Future of High-Voltage Equipment and Substation Technologies (pdf, 427 kB) (pdf, 427kB)


Colloquium SC A3, Sarajevo 2003

List of all papers (pdf, 36 kB) (pdf, 35kB)