Cigre Events

latest event :

CIGRE International Symposium in Auckland, New Zealand

September 16-17, 2013

Leading Study Commitees A3 and B2
Supporting Study Committees A2, B1, B3, C6, D1

Symposium+at+a+glance+(260613+update)[1] (pdf, 220kB)

List+of+Papers+200613[1] (pdf, 132kB)




past event:

SC A3 Colloquium and Tutorials  "High Voltage Equipment"
Vienna, Austria, September 7th - 8th, 2011
(for the contributions see Publications/ SC Library)

General Report SC A3 Colloquium, Vienna 2011 (pdf, 79 kB) (pdf, 78kB)

Programm of SC A3 Tutorial and Colloquium, Vienna 2011 (pdf, 1 MB) (pdf, 1MB)