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Next Meetings

Nagoya/ Japan, 28-30th September 2015

The Japanese National Committee of CIGRE has invited Study Committees A3 ‘High voltage equipment’ and B3 ‘Substations’ to hold their annual meeting in Japan. In association with both meetings, the Study Committees A3 & B3 organize a joint international colloquium titled “Challenges for Further Reliable T&D Substation and Equipment in the Future”. The Colloquium and a tutorial will take place in Nagoya, Japan, 28th -30th of September 2015

More information on the webpage http://www.cigre2015a3b3.jp/index.html


Shanghai/ China 20th- 25th September 2015

CIGRE Study Committees A2 'Transformers' will hold its annual meeting in Shanghai, China, on September 20th-25th 2015,focusing on the topic of "Challenges of the future for transformers & other substation equipment". Meanwhile, tutorials and technical visit will also be scheduled during the period. With the participation of experts from Study Committees A3 & B3, this Colloquium will be a great event for engineers, manufacturers, as well as academic researchers all over the world.

More information on the webpage :http://www.csee.org.cn/home.aspx?PageId=edb7bbac-fa4e-443b-916a-0473144e6679


WG A3.26 has finished the work

Technical Brochure 624 titled “Influence of shunt capacitor banks on circuit breaker fault interruption duties” prepared by WG A3.26 was uploaded to the CIGRE website (e-cigre) and also the ELECTRA article will officially announce its publication in the coming issue.




Vale - Dr. Kittipong Anantavanich


Dear CIGRE SC A3 colleagues,

I have the very sad duty to inform you that our very active and young promising regular member for the Thailand NC,
 Dr. Kittipong Anatavanich has passed away totally unexpectedly on 22nd January 2015 after suffering his disease with the age of 38 year old.

This is a big tragedy and terrible loss for his family, his friends, his colleagues at EGAT and our CIGRE SC A3 community. You will find an attached his obituary, which will be placed in the coming CIGRE newsletter in March. I cannot still understand that why this extremely difficulty happened to him.

In deep sorrow,

Hiroki Ito

Chairman of CIGRE SC A3

Obituary Dr Kittipong Anantavanich_SC A3 (pdf, 46kB)

Study Commitee A3 members passes their condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

Condolence_Kittipong Anatavanich (pdf, 152kB)

SC A3 community were appreciated his technical contributions and also his kindness, it was pleasant to discuss with him during and outside the CIGRE meetings. He was one of the young regular members that represented the future in CIGRE SC A3. He will be missed in our community.




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